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Designing toolsLogo Studio is the extension of Alpha Illustrations Logo Services. It provides all of what you are looking for in a logo design. (LS) Logo Studio will open doors to you as an business owner. Our purpose, to provide you with the full logo concepts and brands. We also include your logo icons in your package which are full colored and gray-scaled. We offer your own proofs viewing account. This account is included when you make your deposit for you logo design.


Do you need a Logo for your business? We believe that your logo will take your business places where you are not able to go. It is essential that you have a personalized logo to represent you or your company. Even when we design websites, it is design around your logo because it carries your character of what your business has to offer. A Logo Design is $150.

There are 3 stages for getting the right logo for your business.

1. Fill out the Logo Form, it will give us some idea of what type of logo you want. There is a $50 deposit to start work on your logo, so soon after you submit your form and deposit we can begin step 2.
2. We will design 3 Logo Concepts. All logos are designed for any backgrounds. The design may be from altered clips or hand drawn originals. You will receive the three concepts after 3-5 business days. We will email you the logos and you will choose the one which best represent your company.
3. After you choose we will prepare your logo in every format so you are able to use it for mass production and videos. We will send the logo to you via Email and on a CD by way of postal mail. If you would like to keep the other concepts, there is an additional charge of $25 for each design.

The additional design offer is not included during a Logo Sale.

If you need some assistance with choosing the font or colors for your logo, The Font Gallery and The Color Styling page will help you get started. Just choose one main font and 3 colors for your logo and type them into your logo form.

Free Logo Images can be used when purchasing a web page only. If you choose not to use the Images from the Free Logo Gallery, you can purchase our customized designed logo.


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Color pencilsColor Styling:
We are concerned with you selecting the correct color for your logo. Color Styling allow you to look at multiple colors and layer them over the other. This helps you to look match any selection of colors you choose.
View Colors Here

logo imageFree Logo Images:
These images are used only to help you decide what type of logo you need for your business. They will be modified and altered to better suit your business identity. They are only offered through our Web Page Design plan.
View Logo Samples

Font Selection:
We have many fonts in our font database. If you don't know the name of the type of font you would like to represent your logo, this should help you to identify your font (FONT LIST). If it does not appear on the list visit.
Monotype.com for your font. You can choose to purcahse the font directly or include the price for the logo with your deposit.

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